Working papers

Before 2008, our researchers sometimes produced a preliminary version of their findings in the form of a “working paper.” These papers made findings available before the results of a work-health study were published in a peer-reviewed journal. Included here are working papers for which a download of the full paper is available.

Workplace intervention associated changes in office environment and worker-environment interface indicators at a large newspaper (2010)
Cole D, Van Eerd D, Wells R, Chen C, Hogg-Johnson S
The logic of practice: An ethnographic study of front-line service work with small businesses in Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (2009)
Eakin J, MacEachen E, Mansfield L, Clarke J
A review of social marketing campaigns in occupational injury, disease or disability prevention (2007)
Mustard C, Bielecky A
Lessons from the Literature on Valuing Reductions in Physical Risk
Cookson R, Dorman P
Disability Income Security Benefits for Working-Age Canadians (2008)
Mustard C, Dickie C, Chan S
Navigating common trends and diverse systems: Examining declining work injury trends across jurisdictions
Mustard C, Sinclair S, Sullivan T
The productivity consequences of two ergonomic interventions (2003)
DeRango K, Amick BC, Robertson M, Rooney T, Moore A, Bazzani L
Work injuries among young workers: How much do different methods of calculating denominators matter? (2002)
Breslin FC, Pole JD, Koehoorn M
Job satisfaction, upper extremity pain intensity and absenteeism in work-related musculoskeletal disorders: an investigation using path analysis (2001)
Smith J, Cole D, Ibrahim S, The Worksite Upper Extremity Research Group