Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security Handbook

This document is the public online version of the Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security Handbook, which is intended to help all IWH affiliated persons become acquainted with IWH privacy policies and practices as they relate to the use of personal information for research purposes.

The handbook presents information on research ethics principles and a description of the current legislative framework governing personal information in Ontario. It also includes a summary of the ten privacy protection principles which shape current information privacy practices.

In addition, the handbook contains specific information on the Institute's privacy protection policies and procedures, including research ethics review practices. It also details the IWH's committment to describing the privacy impacts of our research and our policies and practices concerning organizational, physical and technical security.

For this online version of the handbook, some sections have been abbreviated, and the appendices have not been included for security reasons. For more information, please contact:

Agnieszka Kosny
IWH Privacy Officer


PDF icon Privacy Handbook (528.6 KB)