Student opportunities

S. Leonard Syme Training Fellowships in Work & Health

In appreciation of Dr. S. Leonard Syme’s contributions to the growth and development of the Institute for Work & Health as chair of its Scientific Advisory Committee (1995-2002), the Institute has established a research training fellowship program in his name. The fellowships are for young researchers at the master’s or doctoral level intending to study work and health. The Institute is particularly interested in candidates who show a commitment to research that promises to reduce work-related injury, illness and disability in Ontario.

Mustard Fellowship in Work and Health

The post-doctoral Mustard Fellowship in Work and Health at the Institute for Work & Health is a two-year appointment for a new investigator. The fellowship commences in the summer/fall and is based at the Institute. The purpose of the fellowship is to develop outstanding researchers in the area of work and health, congruent with the Institute’s mission. The fellowship specifically aims to build capacity for innovative multidisciplinary research on the relationships between work environments and employee health. As such, the fellowship is open to a broad range of individuals with diverse academic backgrounds including social, behavioral, organizational and health sciences.

Work Disability Prevention Strategic Training Program

The Work Disability Prevention Strategic Training Program is an exciting opportunity for doctoral students and fellows whose focus is work disability and prevention. Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), it is the first training initiative of its kind to focus on a transdisciplinary approach for the prevention of work disability. Through a combination of e-learning and summer courses, work placements, mentoring and other communication activities, participants will gain transdisciplinary work disability prevention knowledge and skills using their research project as a basis for extended learning.

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