DASH Outcome Measure

Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) Outcome Measure

The DASH Outcome Measure is the most popular clinical tool developed by Institute researchers. It is a 30-item, self-report questionnaire that measures physical function and symptoms in people with musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limb. The tool gives clinicians and researchers the advantage of having a single, reliable instrument that can be used to assess any or all joints in the upper extremity.

A shorter version called the QuickDASH is also available. Both tools are valid, reliable and responsive and can be used for clinical and/or research purposes. However, because the full DASH Outcome Measure provides greater precision, it may be the best choice for clinicians who wish to monitor arm pain and function in individual patients.

Visit the DASH website

DASH Outcome Measure iPad App

The DASH Outcome Measure and shorter QuickDASH are available as an app on the iPad, allowing clinicians and researchers to more accurately measure disability levels and symptoms in people with musculoskeletal disorders of the hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders.

To download the $4.99 app, visit the Apple App Store.

More information about the DASH app is available on the DASH website.