Building relationships

IWH has built ongoing relationships with a variety of audiences in the occupational health and safety field. We also engage specific groups with an interest in particular research projects or areas.

Prevention partners: Ministry of Labour, sector-specific health and safety associations (HSAs), Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB), organized labour and employers. KTE continues to build relationships with the prevention partner community through vehicles like the Health and Safety Association (HSA) Liaison Committee.

Workplace parties: Health and safety associations, health and safety professionals, disability managers, independent consultants, Ministry of Labour inspectors, organized labour, organizations that target workplaces (e.g., Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety), WSIB service delivery teams and specialty programs,. All of these groups are in workplaces on a regular basis or designing programs for workplaces.

Policy-makers: Ministry of Labour, WSIB and Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care. Building relationships with these audiences improves the link between their priorities and the research agenda and makes research results more readily available to support policy-making.

Specific audiences: Through IWH's research in particular areas (e.g. vulnerable workers), we work with various organizations and community groups that are interested in shaping, taking part in and disseminating research that is relevant to the people they represent and serve.